Use The Grill Beforehand To Check

First, check before the barbecue grill screw is loose. As the process of barbecue grill heat deformation, if not properly installed and firmly, oven distortion will be more serious, have the potential to affect the result of the barbecue.

Second, Grill, stove, charcoal component to moderate. If too much carbon, will have a high temperature and high fever, is not conducive to barbecue operation. High temperature may cause high fever BBQ accessories heat deformation of the fire caused burn damage to the grill. In General, the area of the charcoal should be contained within 80% of the grill basin area, height of not more than baking NET height.

Third, the process do not add liquid accelerant to a charcoal fire or spray.

Finally, lead on the grill and roast nets you can smear with cooking oil to prevent rust.

Finally, barbecue after the oven in ventilated and dry place, and cover Grill cover.