Charcoal Grills Small Way To Get Angry

Charcoal grill generally appear in the large self-service barbecue shop, Japanese-style rotisserie, Korean restaurant, northeast barbecue, star hotel Ya room barbecue. Charcoal grill is a kind of stove that uses mechanism smokeless charcoal as raw material to grill.

Charcoal is carbon dioxide released during combustion. It is colorless and odorless, and charcoal is burnt and has no smoke itself. Ordinary grill smoke when making the product, because the oil and seasoning dropped to the carbon fire in the production of products sake.

The unique internal design of the furnace for the non-smoking barbecue equipment allows the oil and spices not to drip onto the carbon fire during baking, so there will be no smoke. In the case of fried foods, when the heat of the oil does not reach 200 Degree of the case is not smoke, but when we make fried foods, the temperature of the oil is generally between 150-170 degrees, so when fried foods will not smoke.

Smokeless electric barbecue smoke principle, is a direct source of heat on the food direct-fired electric grill, barbecue food grease immediately drip, no oily repeated infiltration, that is, no oily fried, fried Process; 100-year kitchen smokeless grill with stainless steel air curtain and filter circulation air system. Effectively inhale and filter the smoke generated during grilling, allowing the filtered smoke and gas to re-combust. Specially designed non-stick baking pan and under the oil receiving tank, you can make the fat burning down the oil pan along the guide hole into the sink, to avoid direct contact with the heating pipe to produce smoke and carcinogens, so as to achieve a healthy diet , Green barbecue purpose.

Ignition of charcoal grill is undoubtedly a problem in the barbecue. And in here to teach you two charcoal grill fire a small way.

Method / step

Method One: Buy charcoal, charcoal in a charcoal grill and piled pyramid shape, leaving a little space; into a little alcohol, gasoline and other oxidants so that charcoal fully absorbed, the time of about a minute, the best leaching Charcoal below a little; lit pre-prepared strip of paper into the furnace, the alcohol began to burn, then charcoal will slowly burn.

Method two: the combustible material (such as hay, dry leaves and other dry plants) on the bottom of the charcoal grill; the pyramid of carbon stacked in the shape of the combustible material, leaving a small gap when stacked ignition; Lighters ignite combustibles directly in small spaces. Flammable things get up the fire will slowly lit charcoal, charcoal and other charcoal can be completely reddened barbecue.

Finally, charcoal has finally started to burn, the red flame comes out, accompanied by a small amount of black smoke is normal. After burning for 10-15 minutes, the open flame gradually diminishes or disappears, and white ash appears on the surface of the charcoal. At this moment, it shows that the ideal charcoal temperature has been reached, and the charcoal can be spread evenly.


Because charcoal grilled food special flavor comes from the smell of grilled food charcoal at high temperatures, so choose charcoal is to enjoy the delicious basis. So charcoal choice is the first important thing. Select charcoal must not map cheap, and some inferior charcoal fire is not enough, or simply non-flammable; and some will burn a lot of smoke contaminated food. Good quality charcoal is generally more neat, the quality is also heavier, such a charcoal burning a long time, but the fire is good.