Charcoal Grills Security Certification

Charcoal Grills Advantages:

1, the German brand, after strict security certification. Strong hardness, Bakelite handle can be very good insulation insulation, Charcoal Grills safety is not hot.

2, the furnace cover and the bottom of the furnace set with a piece of the pan-baked adjustable hole, can adjust the furnace temperature, Charcoal Grills control the heat.

3, the independent barbecue brazier, and the furnace wall to leave a gap, not only can reduce the high temperature coal fire on the furnace wall, but also easy to pour carbon and brazier cleaning.

4, baking nets, Charcoal Grills brazier and furnace layered design, can be disassembled and cleaned separately. Individually designed grill net handle, convenient for you to remove the barbecue after Charcoal Grills the hot baked net.

5, the top of the furnace cover design has a portable handle, the furnace body plus a fixed buckle, whether it is travel, car, mobile, can buckle on the buckle, a lift that walk.

Use charcoal to roast a smoke smell, electric oven although clean. But no charcoal roasted tasty. But the electric oven is greener and better for the body.


The nucleic acid in the meat reacts with most amino acids when they are heated down to produce a genetic mutation that may cause cancer, Maillard. Charcoal Grills In addition, in the barbecue environment, there will be some carcinogenic substances through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other channels into the human body and induce cancer.

It is understood that as meat directly under the high temperature barbecue, Charcoal Grills the decomposition of fat droplets on the charcoal, food fat coking reaction to the heat polymerization and meat protein binding, will produce a benzene and pyrene high carcinogenic force substances, attached to the food surface. It has been measured that the amount of benzene pyrene in the iron attached to the barbecue is up to 125 micrograms per kilogram. In the rush hour, not only endanger the food, but also endanger passers-by.