Charcoal Grills Practical And Convenient

Charcoal smoke-free barbecue charcoal in the process of burning is the release of carbon dioxide, Charcoal Grills it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burning, and there is no smoke itself. Ordinary barbecue pits are made when there is smoke in the making of the product because of the oil and seasoning in the production of the product.

Gas barbecue generally use stainless steel as the furnace material, through the electronic pulse ignition, the use of oil liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heat the above four independent high temperature crystal red gas heating plate and then baked on the iron plate food The With the energy-saving component control, the electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flames to control the temperature of the iron plate, practical and convenient.

Electric barbecue a direct role in the food directly burned electric barbecue pits, Charcoal Grills barbecue food fat immediately dripping, no oil repeatedly infiltration, that is, no oil fried, fried process, so the food contains less fat The grilled food is the real barbecue flavor. 【Advantages】: suitable for indoor, easy to fire, smoke-free;

If you simply consider the direct cost, then it is certainly charcoal province, if from the purchase, transportation, storage, use, environmental protection, Charcoal Grills and other aspects of the cost of consideration, then that gas or electricity than the province.

As for the health, no matter what kind of barbecue, Charcoal Grills in fact, are not healthy, said the barbecue than smoking a little bit too much, but eat too many barbecues do have the following hazards: 1, charcoal, gas and other use of burning heat barbecue, whether we can not see Black smoke, the resulting chemical substances directly contaminated food, pollute the environment. 2, barbecue oil into the fumes, is broken down into numerous harmful substances, it is a direct pollution of food, pollution of the environment, Charcoal Grills its pathogenic, carcinogenic, but also an indisputable fact. Long-term high temperature in the oil brought about by the degeneration, deterioration, these oil repeatedly infiltration of food, pollution of food, food health, and even pathogenic cancer. 3, barbecue, barbecue food is easy to burn, burn paste, produce nitrite and other harmful substances, eating healthy, and even pathogenic cancer. Barbecue food generally pickled in the process will produce nitrite and other carcinogenic substances. 4, consumption of non-roasted meat, seafood, parasitic infection risk. 5, barbecue mostly high-fat high-protein foods, easily lead to obesity or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, barbecue food generally spicy flavor seasoning too heavy, easy to get angry.