Charcoal Grills Foundation

1, charcoal choice is the first important thing. Choose charcoal fire when the map must not be cheap, and some low-quality charcoal fire is not enough, Charcoal Grills or even non-combustible; there will be burning after a lot of smoke contaminated food. Good quality charcoal is generally more neat, Charcoal Grills the quality is also heavier, so charcoal burning time is long, and the fire is very good. Because the special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of barbecue food at high temperatures, so choose charcoal is the foundation of delicious.

2, in the barbecue food before the first floor of the brush on a layer of oil, so as not to stick to the food on the shelf. At any time with iron brush to the grill on the residue, keep the grill clean, it will not affect the food flavor.

3, you can barbecue a lot of food types, but the choice of materials is also very particular about. Pork: must be cooked to be cooked to edible, should be selected ribs, waist, Charcoal Grills buttocks on the fresh and slightly more fat pork, so baked meat will not be too dry. Beef: optional ribs ribs, fresh and tough; beef shoulder meat is the most conducive to cooked cooked meat. Whether it is American beef or Australian beef, are not roasted to full cooked food, will destroy the fresh meat. Chicken: any part of the barbecue is a good material. Barbecue before leaching with lemon, sprinkle some starch, will make meat more tender. Seafood: everything can be, Charcoal Grills but must choose fresh. Fresh seafood meat dense and flexible, from the refrigerator out of the seafood barbecue before the pickled time should not exceed 30 minutes. Grilled squid volume, in the above thin brush a layer of egg yolk, the color will be more beautiful, taste better. Vegetables, fruits: to rhizome, mushrooms, juices and less hard to the main fruits and vegetables, such as corn, green peppers, pineapples, bananas and so on.

4, a food on the grill, impatient people are always worried that will be scorched, kept turning over. In fact, this will extend the time of baking, but also damage the protein, Charcoal Grills causing meat to harden. In the baked food, the food must be heated to a certain extent it is easy to flip. If the face, part of the food stick to the grid, indicating that the protein has not been completely heated, hard pull will only tear the protein fiber, if the fish will form a peeling phenomenon.

5, food in the barbecue process, the longer the water and the greater the loss of oil, the more dry taste. So in the barbecue process should be in the food on the amount of some barbecue sauce, Charcoal Grills can maintain food moisture, and increase the taste, but be careful not to brush too much, and cause food too salty.

6, for a certain basis for barbecue people, roasted authentic diamond-shaped bacon can definitely make barbecue technology icing on the cake. In fact, roasted diamond-shaped roast is not difficult, first of all to ask the charcoal temperature to be hot, and then the food with 30 degrees on the grill, Charcoal Grills when the food is fully heated to the food after the 30 degree angle Can form a diamond-shaped scissors. In the same way the other side of the food is also branded with a bake, you can.

Ask: I want the ingredients, such as: cumin powder, chili powder. The And so on these things.

Added: lamb: selected lamb meat

Burning Ingredients: Oil (oyster sauce + beer + scallion), chili powder, powder (peanut powder + sesame powder + cumin powder + anise powder + fennel powder + pepper powder), salt, monosodium glutamate

Heat: stir

Burning process: the meat on the fire roasted to discoloration, brush oil baking 1 minute or so even sprinkled with salt, continue to burn 1 minute sprinkle MSG, half way brush oil, fast cooked sprinkled with powder and chili powder The Finally fired successfully.