BBQ Drawers The Choice Of

BBQ Drawers Barbecue must be the most netizens love to eat a kind of food cooking style. Every weekend or after work night, about 35 friends to go to the street stalls to eat a barbecue, but also delicious. Barbecue delicious, but for the chef who do barbecue, BBQ Drawers but very hard. Not only must endure the barbecue thick lampblack. And the barbecue process also need to constantly clean up a variety of cooking utensils, especially barbecue racks. But the grill is not easy to clean, thick oil and food residue sticky on top of it is difficult to clean up, very troublesome.

Chinese people like to eat barbecue, BBQ Drawers foreigners also love to eat barbecue. They will also encounter the hassle of cleaning up the barbecue. No, they invented a small cleaning robot. With three brushes, rotate from multiple angles, you can clean all the food residue that is sandwiched in the grill rack. Before working, just set a good time, the cleaning robot will automatically clean up the barbecue rack, very worry.

About Barbecue rack options:

1. Consider whether the barbecue stove is portable.

Outdoor Barbecue stove is brought from the goods, BBQ Drawers so choose the best to take into account this aspect of the problem, can be convenient for us to carry, which can bring us a lot of convenience, the proposal is best to choose the type of folding barbecue stove.

2, according to the material purchase.

Barbecue in the market a variety of materials, BBQ Drawers and the price is not necessarily to buy expensive, but the use of iron barbecue furnace life is certainly not very long, so you can choose the kind of stainless steel, more durable than iron, and not easy to rust.

3, according to the size of the barbecue stove to buy.

Certainly some people think that the smaller the portable, BBQ Drawers but also need to consider the number of barbecue factors, so buy can be based on the number of each barbecue to determine the size of the barbecue stove, so that everyone can eat a delicious barbecue.

4. Whether it has the oil-guide and smoke-proof device.

Barbecue, meat will drop oil, BBQ Drawers oil dripping to the high temperature of the stone will smoke, smoke on the food will produce bad taste. So, the stove should have some kind of equipment to catch the oil, then let the oil flow outside the stove.

5, whether with a thermometer.

In barbecue recipes often see what temperature to bake for how long, BBQ Drawers if there is no thermometer, you can only rely on guessing, so it is difficult to determine whether the food has been cooked.