BBQ Drawers Clean Up

Barbecue must be the vast majority of netizens love to eat a kind of food cooking. Every weekend or after get off work at night, BBQ Drawers about three or five friends go to the street stalls to eat a barbecue, is also very delicious. Barbecue delicious, but for the barbecue of the master who is very hard. Not only to bear the barbecue when the strong fumes. And barbecue process but also continue to clean all kinds of cooking utensils, BBQ Drawers especially barbecue. But the barbecue is not easy to clean up, BBQ Drawers thick oil and food residue stick to the above is difficult to clean up, very troublesome.

Chinese people love to eat barbecue, foreigners also eat barbecue. BBQ Drawers They will also encounter the trouble of cleaning up the barbecue. No, they invented a small clean robot. Using three brushes, from the multi-angle rotation, you can bar caught in the barbecue gap in the food residue all clean. Before work, BBQ Drawers just set a good time, the cleaning robot will automatically clean the barbecue, very peace of mind.

This barbecue is the use of the shape of the suitcase, the use of food-grade stainless steel production, which in addition to the grill, you can also load ingredients, but also charcoal collector, BBQ Drawers clean and tidy, the capacity of about 2 people eat, it is suitable for small Couple outdoor picnic carrying.

Outdoor barbecue, we all want the least baggage, meat dishes up. Bison Rolling Grill is made of aluminum, light and sturdy, the bracket part of the hollow design, you can make the heat better through; BBQ Drawers the surface coated with Teflon, cleaning is also convenient.

Stainless steel grills are generally used in the outdoors, BBQ Drawers and sometimes exposed to the outdoors at the end of the year. This exposure is only one of the reasons for rusty stainless steel. Grease, food particles and moisture will have an impact on stainless steel. "Consumer Reports" test director Cindy Fisher said.

The higher the frequency of your use of the grill, BBQ Drawers the more harsh the environmental conditions, then the more you need to clean up. Salt air will accelerate the corrosion and rust of stainless steel. So, if you live by the sea, at least once a week to clean up. BBQ Drawers Because the nearby pool of chlorine will also damage the grill, to accelerate its corrosion and rust, so irregular cleaning is very important and necessary.

Due to the different quality grades of stainless steel, manufacturers will use different grades of stainless steel in different parts. Therefore, BBQ Drawers the difference in maintenance recommendations depends on the different proportions of the grades used by the manufacturers of different grills at the time of manufacture. Be sure to check your instructions or manufacturer's website for easy understanding of how to deal with discoloration, hard stains and rust on the grill.

High temperature baking of the grill will also have an impact on stainless steel. Napoleon. Griles has pointed out that the heat of the grill will make the material discoloration, BBQ Drawers will make stainless steel into a golden copper. They have done experiments in the laboratory, some stainless steel grills will be in the process of testing, BBQ Drawers slowly forming a pale yellow tones.