BBQ Drawers Choice

Barbecue barbecue drawers must be the kind of food that most Internet users like to eat. Every weekend or after get off work, about 35 friends go to the street stalls to eat barbecue, but also very delicious. Barbecue is delicious, but for the barbecue chef, barbecue is very hard. Not only to endure the barbecue thick fumes. Barbecue process also need to constantly clean up all kinds of kitchen utensils, especially barbecue. But the grill is not easy to clean, sticky oil and food residue stuck on it is difficult to clean, very troublesome.

Chinese like to eat barbecue, barbecue foreigners like to eat barbecue. They also encounter the trouble of cleaning the barbecue. No, they invented a small cleaning robot. With 3 brushes, rotating from multiple angles, you can clean any food residue that is trapped on the grill. Before working, as long as the set time, cleaning robot will automatically clean the grill, very worried.

Barbecue options:

Work Consider whether the grill is portable.

Outdoor barbecue grills from the introduction of goods, barbecue drawers so choose the best consideration in this regard, we can facilitate the carrying, which can bring us a lot of convenience, it is best to choose the type of folding barbecue grill.

2, according to the material procurement.

The various materials that are grilled on the market, the drawer for the grill, and the price are not necessarily expensive, but the service life of the hob is of course not so long, so you can choose the kind of stainless steel that is more durable than iron and less rusty.

3, according to the size of the barbecue oven to buy.

Of course, some people think the small, portable BBQ drawers also need to consider the number of grills, so the size of the grill can be determined by the number of grills per person, so that everyone can eat delicious grills.

4. Whether there is oil circuit, anti-smoking device.

Barbecue, the meat will drip, barbecue drawer drops of oil to high temperatures will smoke, smoke smell will have a bad taste. So, the stove should have some sort of equipment to pick up the oil and let the oil flow outside the stove.

5, with a thermometer.

In grilled recipes, you usually see how long it takes to grind, and without a thermometer you can only rely on guesses so it's hard to tell if the food has been cooked