BBQ Doors Of The Decoration

BBQ Doors Grill's facade decoration: first, first from a good name. Do not be tedious, do not use cold words. Three words within the better. Second, BBQ Doors the facade of the first to be eye-catching, BBQ Doors conditional can do neon lights to attract the eye; no conditions, you can also hang a few strings of flashing light bulb, the best on both sides and then hung two red lanterns. Barbecue shop outside, BBQ Doors to briefly introduce the barbecue varieties, highlight the characteristics of varieties.

Barbecue shop decoration design skills: barbecue shop decoration, BBQ Doors although there is no large hotel so complicated, but some small details still have to pay attention to 100 within the decoration to simple, generous, bright mainly from the following aspects

First, the barbecue shop decoration design floor tiles to use non-slip: the floor in the water after the care will often appear slippery situation, BBQ Doors if sometimes health cleaning is not ahead of time, just to catch up with visitors, prone to slip guests accident, this accident As long as there is a time and it is more difficult, you earn money for several months will lose money, if it is just an old man to sell your shop is not enough to pay, BBQ Doors so this detail must pay attention.

Second, open the barbecue restaurant decoration design wall treatment: no wallpaper before the decoration, most of the barbecue shop are white or around some of the wall, BBQ Doors white easy to dirty and bad cleaning, a long time the wall will be very health Big impact on the guests dining mood, because the barbecue shop more oil, the guests eat hands and feet are not honest back and forth rub. The wall can be attached to the wallpaper, but the color choice not only looks clean, bright and can not be easy to dirty, the decoration feel, BBQ Doors we can take KFC and McDonald's to be a reference, in fact, Kentucky's health is not so good, You will find the secret of their decoration is the choice of color. Brick wood flooring at any time looks bright colors.

Third, the barbecue shop decoration design tables and chairs of the configuration: tables and chairs of the simple selection, but the chair no matter how simple must have a back, BBQ Doors this is very necessary, or guests will be very tired, and a little instability will occur On the other side of the matter, the most important thing is a comfort. The table to choose some of the wood, the feeling looks more heavy style, the desktop covered with thick glass the best, so when the cleaning will be a lot easier and looks like the desktop translucent, BBQ Doors beautiful, or a long time any table surface will be faded Case.

Four, open barbecue restaurant decoration design lighting choice: the choice of light, the store is relatively small with 40W fluorescent lamp 2, surrounded by four yellow energy-saving lamps, BBQ Doors so that you can make up the string and food more appetite, there are reports that Light and darkness will affect people's appetite and mood.

In short, when the investment to join the barbecue shop, BBQ Doors investors must pay attention to the decorating skills, the current barbecue restaurant in addition to taste delicious to attract customers, the decoration of the design industry can also attract a lot of customers, BBQ Doors investors in the investment Union The two together, BBQ Doors I believe that investment to join such a barbecue shop business will be quite good, the above is about the barbecue shop decorating skills, I believe will join the barbecue friends to bring some help.