Grill when using note method

Joined half lit and unlit of barbecue charcoal use, need to add fire, simply by adding carbon, according to the experiment, can save about 60% charcoal. Convenient, saves time and effort, low cost, ease of removal. Easy to install, easy to use, and can be moved as required desktop. Interior damage, there are air purification systems without having to install exhaust pipe, just install the oven to fire power on the desktop, reduce the cost of facilities and closed for renovation because meat does not stick to the baking sheet so don't often change pan, exhaust pipe in the open, simple and convenient cleaning and maintenance. You can also use the air conditioning, air conditioners are heat by convection cooling after the release of the process due to serious pollution, most barbecue restaurants without air conditioning, we can not only prevent the oven air pollution, part effective purification of the air, so open the fan and air conditioning will not pollute the air. Because of its clean air is very clean, not hop oils on your guest's clothing there will not be any flavor, made guests clean, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy good food. Exhaust pipe in the open, simple and convenient cleaning and maintenance. Configure fire spin, according to firepower and grilling process needs to be self regulating, not Hu, normal eating without change, and will be free to bake all kinds of food.