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BBQ 24in Double Door 

Model #: SDA24


This BBQ Island Stainless 24in Double Door, is made of high grade Stainless 304. Superior welding and finish, magnet lock system to secure door. Available in different sizes, can fit any Barbecue Island/Outdoor Kitchen. Pre-drilled installation holes, easy to install.


► High grade stainless 304 solid construction. 

► Luxury double walled door leaf. 

► All stainless hardware, very simple for maintenance. 

► Magnet lock system. Optional door handles. 

► Every edge and corner are very carefully treated. 

► Available in various dimensions.   


All 304 Stainless Steel

Frame: Gauge 16 / 1.5 mm 

Door Leaf Front Panel: Gauge 20 / 1.0 mm

Door Leaf Inside Panel: Gauge 22/ 0.8 mm

Handle: Zinc Alloy or Optional


Overall Dimension(WxHxD): 24"X24"x1.9"/618X614x48 in/mm

Cutout Dimension(WxHxD): 20"X20"x0.9"/520X515x23 in/mm

Product Weight: 8.3 kgs/ 18 lbs

Different Frame Designs Available

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